Detailed ATPG update.

I’m a bull here, have been for a very long time. I have Two positions here, One at 9.90 and another at 11.17. Have many friends/family in this one as well from those levels. I haven’t sold 1 share. I believe this sees 20 in time. I really like the slow/light volume pullback here to the 20/200MA. And I think it is time to start buying here again. Sitting dead on both MA’s. Really depends on your time frame here. But as a core I would only stop out if it lost the 50MA as a close. I honestly do not think this loses 13 anytime soon. Over 16 is a vacuum. Would add there as well. In any event we will be monitoring this one very closely on site. You cant chase this thing. My big core was up +76% at one time due to extreme patience and letting the trade work.

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