Like RTN for a potential breakout here, Bullish MACD cross, Stochastics look great, RSI supports brk out, we even have good volume here, Use 48.50 trigger ,first target is 50. Use a tight .70 stop


RIMM, have been pounding the table here since 75 for the earings run, there is still a trade here, 82.50 is key support on it, and it been holding it, I fully expect to see 85-90 before they report on thursday night. ANY and I mean any gapdown in MKT or RIMM is a buy. Either common or call’s, on any RIMM entry use a 1 point stop to protect yourself, and by all means do not hold into earnings. For my self I’m holding a ton of oct 85′s I will definetly be taking some of them into earnings as a free trade, but the RIMM trade was perfect up 10 on first table pound at 75.


Liking CENX again, Bullish MACD cross on the way, Stochastics are in overbought area, but may embedd again,huge short interest, RSI broke down trendline, closed at resistence today, and the 200 EMA on top, like clearing the 200 as a break out type trade. Use 12.81 as a trigger as it was the high in Jan 09. This can see 14-15 fast probaly higher if mkt holds up. If this breaks 15 it can fly, no real over head resistence till the 30′s,, this is worth a piece of real estate on your moniters for awhile.

AMZN long term plan’s

My AMZN thoughts and charts for the long term, hindsight being 20/20 kinda wish I held some of my AMZN common I sold recently, as my plan is completly falling into place. In my opinion once AMZN breaks through 95, we see 110-120 easy. I am just gonna sit and wait and see how it plays out, I’m looking for a overall mkt gapdown to get back into AMZN, or may start buying on strengh, although I may add to my Jan 2011 leaps. Which I got into at 5.50 they are a double already. AMZN is now a screaming buy at 86 or a break of 95. The all time high is 113. There is virtually no supply overhead between 95-113, And if it breaks the 113 area, look out is all I can say.